The problem with social media

This subject has been discussed a lot by internet freedom activists, hereby I refer you to stallman's article but I'd like to give my two cents on the issue, I don't discuss here privacy issues since they are well known but I try to dissect the social aspect of social media.

First of all I'd like to point out that I use social media like linkedin and twitter and have used Facebook for some time1 I don't reject the need for humans to make professional and amical social bonds, but I despise social networks like facebook, instagram and the like and I will here try to explain why, I'm taking facebook as an example since it's the epitome and de facto standard of social networks.

Please don't take this essay too seriously


Everybody is interconnected with everybody 24/7 and I think that's a huge problem, this creates an over-socialized2 society, members of this society act like programmed automatons, adhering to some moral code that they fear to break, in over-socialized societies sheep feel guilt when not following that same moral code.

Concretely social media users feel the need to follow the trend or the moral code. That is who to vote for, what to think in and especially what not to think in.

Narcissism and voyeurism

Most users on these websites are narcissists, unraveling this reality shouldn't be too hard by observing your timeline, well it's not that difficult since most people on facebook are self-important entitled twerps but the truth is no one is important to anyone.

People crave posting an image of what they ate that day like that is somehow important to anyone, and to my surprise people seem to be attracted to the narcissist like it's a something they use to fill the void in their empty lives, or maybe they suffer some kind of voyeurism, because they like seeing the naked truths of others while abstaining from showing their truth. But the image of narcissists on the internet tends to be reversed and inflated, of course no one wants to read or to watch news about ordinary people and lives that is boring people and lives so the narcissist tends to lie about his truth.

There are of course some people that don't bother others with news about their miserable lives or the minor scholastic achievements of their children, I respect those people.

The hidden god




I used facebook since when I was a preteen till 17, of course that somehow shaped my character but I tried to detoxify since then.


The term was coined by "Theodore Kaczynski" a mathematician known for his work on boundary functions and other work…

Author: Mohamed Aziz Knani

Date: 2019-03-01 Fri 18:47

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