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My name is Mohamed Aziz Knani, I like computers, literature and cyberpunk culture.

In my free time I like to read and pretend that I'm a hacker.

I currently study computer engineering at issat.

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Although I despise mainstream social media I use a couple of them:

About this website

In the journal, I do write blog posts, share video links and books or make chunks of my personal diary available.

I write this website in Emacs using org-mode and use some homebrewed wrapper functions over org-publish to compile the pages to HTML, and then sign every single web page so that readers can verify the integrity of posts and so that I can take full responsibility of my writings and to reduce the probability of deniability (but boy RSA signing takes a lot of time).


Please verify the integrity of web pages to make sure it's really me who wrote the page, you can use gpg after adding my gpg key to your keyring:

curl https://aziz.tn/about.html.gpg 2> /dev/null |gpg --verify

I don't take responsibility for anything in this site not signed by my key 0xDD1B400624704270, if a blog post is not signed I probably got hacked since every page is signed automatically.

Oh hey, here's a nice hack for you, you can pipe this to your browser (this should be nice beceause I don't have tls for this website):

curl https://aziz.tn/about.html.gpg 2> /dev/null |gpg --decrypt 2> /dev/null|firefox "data:text/html;base64,$(base64 -w 0 <&0)"

Author: Mohamed Aziz Knani

Date: 2019-01-05 Sat 19:56

Emacs 26.1.90 (Org mode 9.2)


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