About page


I'm a cyber security professional. In my current job I do code audits, threat hunting, SOC monitoring and reversing / pentesting some random apps.

Outside of work, I'm really interested in reverse engineering/malware analysis, I have been learning assembly and obfuscation techniques in the last two years by doing crackmes in capture the flag competitions.

In university I'm supposed to learn about software development / software teams management.

On weekends I participate in Capture The Flag competitions with my team but these competitions can be quite stressing so sometimes I just go surf fishing, play video games or enjoy learning a new programming language.

get in touch

  • Email: medazizknani@gmail.com 
  • Discord: aziz#9086 
  • Twitter: @moonflock 
  • Github: mohamed-aziz 


  • Books? goodreads 
  • Moviesletterboxd
  • Music? I dig dark wave, metal and french pop from the 60s. 
  • $EDITOR? Emacs VScode with Emacs keybindings. 
  • Operating system? Debian Windows 10 Pro. 
  • Coffee vs tea? Coffee. 
  • Favorite language for concurrent systems? Clojure has STM and immutable data structures. 
  • Favorite language for web systems? Python 3.