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How to become a free software hipster

Don't take this too seriously, or perhaps you should?

This is how to become a free software hacker, no I'm just joking ignore that wikihow article, right so here are the steps:

1. Buy a Thinkpad

Preferably an X60 or X220 it looks pretty dope, it's pretty cheap, and you can libreboot it.

Alt Text

a bonus would be to own a digital watch, and a pocket knife.

Alt Text

2. Install a GNU/Linux distribution

Please don't call it Linux or the man with the beard will get mad at you

Alt Text

As for the distribution choice it's up to you, the more exotic you go the better (normies will think you are some kind of genius (you most likely are)) and forget arch it's the new ubuntu, install gentoo like real men do.

Alt Text

Also please don't use the contrib and non-free repos in Debian.

3. Install i3wm and "rice" your desktop (optional)

Tilling is superior right, duh ... (not really)

Alt Text

Alt Text

4. Learn to use the one true editor

Learning to use Emacs is crucial, though using the other editor Vi (or any other variant) is not a sin, but you should not do that.

Alt Text

You can go a bit hardcore and learn to live inside the one true editor

Alt Text

5. Join the church of Emacs (optional)

You have to renounce the flase gods, you also need to memorize the whole GPL license, and also memorize all of Emacs functions and symbols by alphabetical order.

6. Learn to program

Ruby, PHP (eww disgusting), Python and C are for noobs, learn a real language like x86 assembly.

Alt Text

Lisp is also helpful, so you have to memorize SICP by heart.

Alt Text

7. Use some cool wallpapers

Link Text

Alt Text

8. Listen to some soviet communist music

Also preferably read The communist manifesto and 1984.

Alt Text

9. Change you internet browsing habits

Choose a non botnet browser.

Botnet browsers: Google Chrome, Chromium, Vivaldi, Opera

Non botnet browsers: Palemoon, Icecat, ungoogled-chromium

SJW browsers: Firefox

Do never ever enable non free javascript (preferably disable javascript support from your browser), install something like uMatrix or noScript.

Alt Text

Also don't use html5 (let alone flash) to watch videos on the internet, web browsers are made for browsing web pages not for watching videos, preferably pipe to mpv or mplayer (here is a firefox extension), this causes less CPU overheat => less power consumption.

Also contribute to the network and set up a tor node in you uni or the place your work in make sure to not do it in your home dumbass!

10. Visit /g/ daily

This is the board that the hacker 4chan frequents, shitpost and make fun of normies.

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