Movies that I recommend

This is a list of movies and shows I enjoyed or I'm planning to watch in the future, this is updated weekly or so.

1 TV shows

I don't watch much TV shows, but here are the most remarkable ones I saw.

This is sorted by how much I like the show:

1.1 WATCHED Rome   history

CLOSED: [2018-03-15 Thu 20:41]

1.2 WATCHED The twilight zone   mindfuck

1.3 WATCHED Breaking bad   drama action

1.4 WATCHED Black mirror   mindfuck

This is a must see if you liked the twilight zone.

I love this show. The fourth season was not excellent.

1.5 WATCHED Game of thrones   action drama

1.6 WATCHED Utopia   crime drama mindfuck

This show is just genius. It's perfect in every way.

1.7 WATCHED Dexter   killer

1.8 WATCHED The last kingdom   war

1.9 WATCHED Manhunt Unabomber

1.10 WATCHED The night of   drama

1.11 WATCHED Generation War   war drama

1.12 WATCHED Fargo   drama crime

1.13 WATCHED Rick and morty   comedy

1.14 WATCHED Das boot   war drama

1.15 WATCHED Mr Robot   anarchy tech

I like the extremely realistic technical details and the anarchic vibe to this show.

1.16 WATCHED Silicon valley   tech comedy

1.17 WATCHED Mindhunter   killer

1.18 WATCHED The man in the high castle   drama politics

1.19 WATCHED Halt and catch fire   tech

1.20 WATCHED Taboo   action drama

1.21 WATCHED Lain serial experiments   tech anime

1.22 WATCHED True detective   drama

1.23 WATCHED Hannibal   killer

1.24 WATCHED Narcos   action

1.25 WATCHED Better Call Saul   comedy drama

1.26 WATCHED Ozark

1.27 WATCHED Vikings   war

1.28 WATCHED The walking dead   apocalypse drama

You know I love post-apocalyptic scenarios (since my favorite film is The Road).

1.29 WATCHED The end of the fucking world   comedy

1.30 WATCHED Dirk Gently   comedy

1.31 WATCHED Sherlock   comedy mystery

1.32 WATCHED House of cards   politics drama

1.33 WATCHED Limitless   motivation comedy

This was not as good as the movie.

1.34 WATCHED Dark Net

1.35 NOTYET Dead set

1.36 NOTYET Peaky Blinders

1.37 NOTYET Atypical

1.38 NOTYET BoJack Horseman

2 Films

This doesn't only include feature films but also documentary films.

Movies with the mindfuck tag are my favorite, this movies just mess with you, even if you are a smart son of a bitch you won't figure out the plot from the beginning.

The list is sorted by alphabetical order, then by if it is watched or not, not by preference.

2.1 WATCHED Jack Reacher   action crime

2.2 WATCHED In the mouth of madness

2.3 WATCHED Caché

2.4 WATCHED Indigènes   war drama

2.5 WATCHED (500) days of summer   romance depression

2.6 WATCHED Fences   drama

2.7 WATCHED Heartbeats

2.8 WATCHED The garden of words

2.9 WATCHED Anon

2.10 WATCHED The lobster

2.11 WATCHED 12 monkeys   apocalypse timetravel

2.12 WATCHED Neon demon

2.13 WATCHED King Arthur Legend Of The Sword

2.14 WATCHED I origins   mystery

2.15 WATCHED Split

2.16 WATCHED The dreamers

2.17 WATCHED Unforgiven

2.18 WATCHED October Sky   motivation

2.19 WATCHED 12 years a slave   slavery racism

2.20 WATCHED 13 sins   horror

2.21 WATCHED 1984

2.22 WATCHED Bad boy bubby

2.23 WATCHED Kill List   folk horror

2.24 WATCHED 21

2.25 WATCHED 21 grams

2.26 WATCHED 28 days later   apocalypse zombie

2.27 WATCHED 3 idiots   comedy heartwarming

2.28 WATCHED 300   war

2.29 WATCHED 300: Rise of an Empire   war

2.30 WATCHED 50/50   cancer romance

2.31 WATCHED A beautiful mind   mindfuck  math schizophrenia

2.32 WATCHED A brilliant young mind   math prodigy

2.33 WATCHED A clockwork orange   drama

2.34 WATCHED A history of violence   action

2.35 WATCHED A Prophet   arab prison

2.36 WATCHED A Serbian Film   gore

2.37 WATCHED Look who's back   comedy

2.38 WATCHED A serious man   jewish drama

2.39 WATCHED Adam

2.40 WATCHED War dogs   crime

2.41 WATCHED Adaptation   drama

2.42 WATCHED Airplane!   comedy

This is one of the best comedies I have ever watched.

2.43 WATCHED Algorithm - The hacker movie   tech

2.44 WATCHED Amadeus   MUSIC

2.45 WATCHED Amelie

2.46 WATCHED American beauty

2.47 WATCHED American Gangster

2.48 WATCHED American history X   nazi racism

2.49 WATCHED American psycho   schizophrenia

2.50 WATCHED Annie hall   romance

2.51 WATCHED Another earth

2.52 WATCHED Apocalypto   drama

2.53 WATCHED Argo   iran

2.54 WATCHED Arrival   alien

2.55 WATCHED Au revoir les enfants   jewish nazi

2.56 WATCHED Avatar

2.57 WATCHED Awakenings

2.58 WATCHED Back to the future triology   timetravel

2.59 WATCHED baraka

Those who are scared of other points of view, religions, sexual orientations, cultures, etc. and those who spread this fear and preach hate and egoism should watch this awe inspiring piece of art. See how wonderful mankind and its colorfull diversity is!! This movie is so important to watch! – Peter Smyczek from

2.60 WATCHED Barton fink

2.61 WATCHED Before sunrise   romance

2.62 WATCHED Being John Malkovich

2.63 WATCHED Ben X

2.64 WATCHED Black swan

2.65 WATCHED Blackhat   tech

2.66 WATCHED Blade

2.67 WATCHED Blade Runner

2.68 WATCHED Blue velvet

2.69 WATCHED Boyhood

2.70 WATCHED Boyka undisputed IV   action

2.71 WATCHED Braveheart   war comedy

2.72 WATCHED Bruce almighty   comedy god

2.73 WATCHED Bruno   comedy

2.74 WATCHED Casino Royale

2.75 WATCHED Cast away

2.76 WATCHED Catch me if you can

2.77 WATCHED Chappie

2.78 WATCHED Children of Heaven   heartwarming

2.79 WATCHED Children of men   apocalypse war

2.80 WATCHED Citizenfour   tech privacy

2.81 WATCHED Cypher   mindfuck

2.82 NOTYET Cube Zero

2.83 WATCHED City of god   drama

2.84 WATCHED Coherence   mindfuck

2.85 WATCHED Cold eyes

2.86 WATCHED Collateral

2.87 WATCHED Crazy stupid love   romance

2.88 WATCHED Cube

I liked this quote from worth:

This may be hard for you to understand, but there is no conspiracy. Nobody is in charge. It's a headless blunder operating under the illusion of a master plan. Can you grasp that? Big Brother is not watching you.

And I think this a good alternate explanation, the world might not be that complex or perhaps it is who knows?

2.89 WATCHED Cyberbully   tech

2.90 WATCHED Dark city   drama

2.91 WATCHED Das boot

2.92 WATCHED Dead ringers

2.93 WATCHED Deep Web

This was a good movie though it's not about deep web but about the silk road and Ross Ulbricht. CLOSED: [2017-12-07 Thu 12:39]

2.94 WATCHED Deliverance

2.95 WATCHED Der untergang

2.96 WATCHED Detachment   depression drama

2.97 WATCHED Die hard

2.98 WATCHED Django unchained

2.99 WATCHED Donnie Darko   mindfuck drama

2.100 WATCHED Downloaded   tech

This documentary was about napster and digital "piracy", it was very insightful.

2.101 WATCHED Drive   action

2.102 WATCHED Dumb and dumber   comedy

2.103 WATCHED Eagle eye   action tech

2.104 WATCHED Edge of tomorrow   tech future

2.105 WATCHED Enemy   schizophrenia mariage

2.106 WATCHED Equilibrium   action drama

2.107 WATCHED Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

2.108 WATCHED Ex machina   tech

2.109 WATCHED Exam   mindfuck

2.110 WATCHED Falling down

2.111 WATCHED Fargo   action drama

2.112 WATCHED Fight club   mindfuck drama

2.113 WATCHED Filth

2.114 WATCHED Forrest gump   heartwarming

2.115 WATCHED Four lions

2.116 WATCHED Fracture

2.117 WATCHED Frequency

2.118 WATCHED Funny Games   disturbing

2.119 WATCHED Ghost in the shell   tech future

2.120 WATCHED Gladiator   war drama

2.121 WATCHED Gone girl   mindfuck

2.122 WATCHED Good will hunting   math prodigy

2.123 WATCHED Goodfellas   mafia

2.124 WATCHED Groundhog day   motivation

2.125 WATCHED Hacker 2015   tech

2.126 WATCHED Hacksaw ridge   war heartwarming

2.127 WATCHED Her   tech romance

2.128 WATCHED Horra (Moez Kamoun)   tunisian

2.129 WATCHED I am legend   apocalypse

2.130 WATCHED Identity   schizophrenia mindfuck

2.131 WATCHED In the Name of the Father

2.132 WATCHED Incendies   arab drama mindfuck

2.133 WATCHED Inception   mindfuck drama

2.134 WATCHED Inglorious basterds   war

2.135 WATCHED Inside man   heist action

2.136 WATCHED Interstellar   heartwarming drama future

2.137 WATCHED Into the wild

2.138 WATCHED Intouchables   heartwarming

2.139 WATCHED Irreversible   disturbing french

2.140 WATCHED Jagten   drama

2.141 WATCHED Jurassic Park

2.142 WATCHED K-PAX   drama

2.143 WATCHED Kingdom of heaven

2.144 WATCHED La Haine   drama

2.145 WATCHED La la land   romance

2.146 WATCHED Lars and the real girl

2.147 WATCHED Leon the professional   drama disturbing

2.148 WATCHED Les miserables   musical drama

2.149 WATCHED Life is beautiful   heartwarming holocaust jewish

2.150 WATCHED Life of pi   heartwarming drama

2.151 WATCHED Limitless   drama motivation

2.152 WATCHED Lion   heartwarming

2.153 WATCHED Looper   timetravel drama

2.154 WATCHED Lord of war   crime

2.155 WATCHED Lost in translation

2.156 WATCHED Mad Max: Fury Road   action

2.157 WATCHED Manchester by the sea   depression drama

2.158 WATCHED Mary and Max   heartwarming

2.159 WATCHED Masculin feminin   romance drama french

2.160 WATCHED Memento   mindfuck

2.161 WATCHED Men in black

2.162 WATCHED Minority report   future

2.163 WATCHED Misery   psychopath

2.164 WATCHED Moon

2.165 WATCHED Mr nobody   heartwarming mindfuck

2.166 WATCHED Mr. & Mrs. Smith

2.167 WATCHED Munich

2.168 WATCHED Mystic river   drama

2.169 WATCHED Napoleon Dynamite   comedy

2.170 WATCHED Ni dieu ni maitre Une histoire de l'anarchisme   anarchy

2.171 WATCHED Nightcrawler

2.172 WATCHED No country for old men   drama

2.173 WATCHED Now you see me   mindfuck

2.174 WATCHED Ocean's eleven   mindfuck

2.175 WATCHED Oldboy   mindfuck

2.176 WATCHED One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest   heartwarming

2.177 WATCHED Open grave   apocalypse zombie mindfuck

2.178 WATCHED Pi   math

2.179 WATCHED Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

2.180 WATCHED PK   comedy

2.181 WATCHED Polytechnique   crime

2.182 WATCHED Predestination   mindfuck timetravel

2.183 WATCHED Primal fear   mindfuck

2.184 WATCHED Primer   mindfuck

2.185 WATCHED Prisoners   mindfuck crime

2.186 WATCHED Pulp fiction   classic crime

2.187 WATCHED Rain Man   heartwarming

2.188 WATCHED Requiem for a dream   mindfuck

2.189 WATCHED Reservoir dogs   classic crime

2.190 WATCHED Road to predition   crime

2.191 WATCHED Robin hood 2010   hero

2.192 WATCHED Rocky   hero

2.193 WATCHED Salo Or The 120 Days Of Sodom

2.194 WATCHED Saving private ryan   war

2.195 WATCHED Saw   horror

2.196 WATCHED Scarface

2.197 WATCHED Schindler's List   holocaust jewish

2.198 WATCHED Se7en   mindfuck

2.199 WATCHED Searching for bobby fischer   chess

2.200 WATCHED Secretary

2.201 WATCHED Sherlock holmes   crime

2.202 WATCHED Shutter Island   mindfuck

2.203 WATCHED Sicario   action

2.204 WATCHED Silver linings playbook   romance

2.205 WATCHED Sinister   horror

2.206 WATCHED Snatch   comedy

2.207 WATCHED Snowden   tech privacy

2.208 WATCHED Source code   tech future

2.209 WATCHED Steal this film   tech anon

2.210 WATCHED Submarine

2.211 WATCHED Sully   hero

2.212 WATCHED Taxi driver   classic

2.213 WATCHED Thank you for smoking   speaking

2.214 WATCHED The accountant   action aspie

2.215 WATCHED The avengers

2.216 WATCHED The book of eli   apocalypse christinanity

2.217 WATCHED The bourne movies   action

2.218 WATCHED The boy in the stripped pajamas   holocaust

2.219 WATCHED The butterfly effect   heartwarming mindfuck

2.220 WATCHED The curious case of benjamin button   heartwarming

2.221 WATCHED The dark knight   action

2.222 WATCHED The departed   mindfuck

2.223 WATCHED The devil's advocate   mindfuck

2.224 WATCHED The exorcist   horror

2.225 WATCHED The flower of Aleppo   tunisian

2.226 WATCHED The game   mindfuck

2.227 WATCHED The girl with the dragon tatto   action tech

2.228 WATCHED The godfather triology   mafia

2.229 WATCHED The grand budapest hotel   drama

2.230 WATCHED The Green mile   heartwarming

2.231 WATCHED The illusionist   mindfuck

2.232 WATCHED The imitation game   math tech war

2.233 WATCHED The italian job

2.234 WATCHED The lives of others   espionage

2.235 WATCHED The lord of the rings

2.236 WATCHED The machinist   mindfuck

2.237 WATCHED The man from earth   mindfuck drama

2.238 WATCHED The man from earth holoscene

2.239 WATCHED The martian

2.240 WATCHED The matrix triology   tech future

2.241 WATCHED The others   mindfuck

2.242 WATCHED The perfume: story of a murder   drama

2.243 WATCHED The pianist   jewish nazi warsaw

2.244 WATCHED The prestige   mindfuck

2.245 WATCHED The revenant

2.246 WATCHED The road   depression apocalypse

The road may be the best movie I have ever watched.

2.247 WATCHED The Shawshank Redemption   mindfuck

2.248 WATCHED The signal   future mindfuck

2.249 WATCHED The silence of the lambs   cannibalism crime

2.250 WATCHED The sixth sense   drama

2.251 WATCHED The social network   tech

2.252 WATCHED The stanford prison experiments   drama

2.253 WATCHED The talented Mr ripley

2.254 WATCHED The terminator

2.255 WATCHED The theory of everything   math

2.256 WATCHED The truman show   mindfuck

2.257 WATCHED The untouchables   heartwarming

2.258 WATCHED The Usual Suspects

2.259 WATCHED The witch   horror

2.260 WATCHED The wolf of wall street   economy

2.261 WATCHED There will be blood

2.262 WATCHED Timecrimes   timetravel

2.263 WATCHED TPB AFK   tech

2.264 WATCHED Transcedence   future

2.265 WATCHED Triangle   mindfuck

2.266 WATCHED Un été à La Goulette   tunisian

2.267 WATCHED V for vandetta   anarchy

2.268 WATCHED Valhalla Rising

2.269 WATCHED War horse   war animals

2.270 WATCHED We are legion   anarchy anonymous

2.271 WATCHED We are what we are   cannibalism

2.272 WATCHED We steal secrets the story of wikileaks

2.273 WATCHED Whiplash   music motivation

2.274 WATCHED Who Am I   tech

2.275 WATCHED Zero days

2.276 WATCHED Zodiac   crime

2.277 NOTYET A Scanner Darkly

2.278 NOTYET angel heart

2.279 WATCHED Apocalypse Now

2.280 NOTYET Bagdad Cafe

2.281 NOTYET Blue Valentine

2.282 NOTYET Citizen Kane

2.283 NOTYET Dahmer

2.284 NOTYET Dunkirk

2.285 NOTYET Eastern Promises

2.286 NOTYET Enter the Void

2.287 NOTYET Eyes wide shut

2.288 NOTYET Gacy

2.289 NOTYET Gravity

2.290 NOTYET Heat

2.291 NOTYET Hotel Ruanda

2.292 NOTYET interview with a vampire

2.293 NOTYET Jacob's Ladder

2.294 NOTYET Layer Cake

2.295 NOTYET lucky number slevin

2.296 NOTYET Magnolia

2.297 NOTYET man on fire

2.298 NOTYET mississippi burning

2.299 NOTYET Mozart and the whale

2.300 NOTYET Mulholland Drive

2.301 NOTYET Oblivion

2.302 NOTYET Open windows

2.303 WATCHED The island

2.304 WATCHED Orphan

2.305 NOTYET Paprika

2.306 NOTYET paris, texas

2.307 NOTYET Proof

2.308 WATCHED Gran torino

2.309 NOTYET Public Enemies

2.310 NOTYET samsara

2.311 NOTYET Spider

2.312 NOTYET Spotlight

2.313 NOTYET Synecdoche, New York

2.314 NOTYET Take Shelter

2.315 NOTYET Tampopo

2.316 NOTYET The aviator

2.317 NOTYET The bucket list

2.318 NOTYET The crow

2.319 NOTYET the deer hunter

2.320 NOTYET The Double

2.321 NOTYET The Elephant Man

2.322 NOTYET The Fall

2.323 NOTYET The fifth state

2.324 NOTYET the fountain

2.325 NOTYET The Holy Mountain

2.326 NOTYET The ring

2.327 NOTYET The shining

2.328 WATCHED The Thirteenth Floor

2.329 NOTYET The Zero Theorem

2.330 NOTYET Tideland

2.331 WATCHED Time Lapse

2.332 NOTYET Tombstone

2.333 NOTYET Training day

2.334 NOTYET true romance

2.335 NOTYET Vanilla sky

2.336 NOTYET Waking Life

2.337 NOTYET Waterworld

2.338 WATCHED The Neon Demon

2.339 WATCHED Law abiding citizen

2.340 WATCHED The big Lebowski

2.341 WATCHED Warrior

2.342 WATCHED Snowpiercer

2.343 WATCHED The white ribbon

Author: Mohamed Aziz Knani

Created: 2018-06-25 Mon 20:58